Story Of A Boy Transformed Into Girl By His Sister

Friday, 9 August 2013

Credits : PhilippaBoy

Before the story starts lets set the scene. I'm teenage boy around 13/14 who is spending the week in my sisters house. Jess is 21 and lives alone, she's had her house for a couple of months and its not the first time I've spent time over there with her. We both get along like normal siblings and hardly ever fight...

Crossdressing Story

It was a typical average Monday, it was raining quite heavily outside and I had no intentions of going out for the day. I was watching TV in the living room when my sister came into the room. You could tell by the look on her face that she was bored too and desperately wanted something to do. She sat down on the other sofa and watched Jeremy Kyle whilst playing with her hair. She was sat facing me as she played with her hair, after about 30 minutes or so an idea sparked into her head and she left the room. Soon after I heard her return as she sat just behind me. Jess began to brush my shoulder length hair, I knew what she was doing but didn't really react. The sensation of the brush going through my hair felt relaxing and almost enjoyable.

"There we are, you look much better now" announced Jess, she walked in front of me with a mirror and held it up for me to see. To my horror I saw that she had put my hair into two pigtails either side of my head with pink ribbon. "What have you done!" I shouted. "Oh hush, it's much better than that boring look you used to have". I got up from my seat and went to go and take them out but as I approached the bathroom I was pushed into jess's room. I was pushed with so much force by Jess that I was knocked to the ground, I heard the door get locked behind me. As I was about to get up from the ground Jess began to strip me until I was completely naked, before I could react she threw all of my clothes out of the window. "What the hell are you doing!" I felt totally embarrassed as I stood there desperately trying to cover myself. "I'm bored, your bored. And we can't just sit around the house watching TV, so I've decided to give you a brand new look", she walked towards her wardrobe and pulled out the pinkest girliest and frilliest dress I've ever seen. "Put this on", "I'm not wearing that", "You've got nothing else to wear, you don't have a choice". 

Pink Dress Crossdressing Story

Pink Dress

As I paused thinking what to do next Jess tackled me and forced the dress over my head, she zipped it all the way up to the top. I could hardly move as I tried to stand up, the dress was so tight my arms and body were almost unmovable. When I got to my feet she slip up a pair of pink matching panties, they were also tight and felt very comfortable as I squeezed against my crotch. She pushed me onto a chair and started applying makeup, I couldn't move as she forcefully applied it. Eventually I was brought over to the mirror. I could only look in disgust as I saw myself look completely feminine. I was wearing a bright pink frilly poofy ultra girly dress that even the girliest of girls will feel awkward to wear. My hair was still in pigtails and my face was covered in bright pink makeup. I had long lashes, pink lips and far too much blusher.

Boy To Girl Transformation

Boy To Girl Transformation

"Get me out of this now!", "No you look so adorable and super cute,  now come along Susie let's go and show you off to the world". She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me by the hand out the door. As I started to pull back she kicked me in the balls really hard and pushed me into the car. 

Boy To Girl Transformation

Boy To Girl Transformation

Boy To Girl Transformation


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