Boy As Blue Princess On Independece Day

Monday, 20 August 2012

Hey! As this is my first story, I would like to narrate my own story as best as possible. This is purely my own crossdressing story. Any sort of feedback/suggestions related to the story will be appreciated. One who likes to add me in Gmail, email me at One who would like to connect with me on Facebook.

I remember when I was young my mom used to dress me in frocks and forced me to wear jewellery sets. I used to refuse and cry to wear frocks as my friends used to tease me and say me “I am a girl”. Almost all guys here in India will have their ears pierced. However it’s not compulsory to get the boy’s ears pierced, but from many long years the same tradition is still being followed. Obviously my ears are also pierced and in fact I remember I used to wear ear rings couple of days even after I started going to school. After I fought with my mom, at last forcefully she agreed to take off my ear rings from my ears. In India, at most a baby once in his life span will be wearing the entire girl’s attire and get them recorded in a camera for remembrance. Every mom wants to see her child in girl’s dress at least once, but still I don’t know the reason behind it. In fact even I was not exceptional for it. My mom snapped several photos of me wearing frocks, ear rings, and bangles and got them laminated and hanged on our house walls.

Beautiful Crossdressing Boy

I became a boy, though I’m a boy I mean now I’m not forced to wear any girl’s stuff after joining for 2nd year of my school as I am little bit matured boy. I started mingling with my friends; used to spend more time with them. But still I had a strange feeling in my heart that I am missing something. Whenever I see a beautiful girl, instead of looking at her beauty I used to look at her dress and her costumes and would admire myself in her place wearing all that stuff. I started loving the pain that a girl bears while piercing her nose. Sometimes I felt like asking my mom to dress me again as a full girl as I used to be forcefully dressed when I was younger. I had got a strong feeling that even I need to start growing my hair long as girl’s do, I need to wear heavy bangles in my hand, I need to wear ear rings, nose ring, necklace and anklets. But I fell in a dilemma on how to express my situation to my mother. Almost 9 years passed that still I could not take a firm decision and dare to express it in front of my mother.

Now I was studying in 9th standard and I got argue to express my feelings in front of my mom and want to request her to dress me in all girl’s stuff at least once. I was dreaming all the day that if I was a girl and even used to carry my crossdressing pictures snapped by my mom to school by hiding them in the books. Once in 5 to 6 months all the teachers were suddenly giving surprise visit to all the classes and check the school bags to prevent the children from getting addicted to bad activities like smoking, eating gutkas and all. Now this time they ceased my books which contained the photographs of mine which were not allowed to carry to the school. However it didn’t create any problem and all went normally. In the same year during the time of August, Indian Independence Day, my teacher asked me to pay the role of British princess but I refused it. I really had a desire in me to play that role, but I imagined that I would be shamed in front of my friends if I accept that proposal. My teacher approached the same thing in front of my mom to convince me to play that role as they have seen my crossdressing pictures in which i look cute when I was young. My mom and dad both forced me as this is just for a play that too for only one day. I accepted to act and was waiting for that day to come soon. I was practicing the play daily in my male dress itself during the last two periods of my school hours.

On the 13th of August my madam gave me a letter and told me to handover it to my mom. I obliged it and gave the letter to my mom that evening. I then came to know that it is a list of my costumes that I need to wear during the play. We went for shopping that evening and bought my own sandals (high-heels). I still remember the day we went for shopping and asked for heels to the shopkeeper, and I was excited with the tremendous experience to see the trails in front of all the shop customers walking all over the shop in high heels. From there we went to the shopping mall to buy a dress for me. Yes! Now in fact I was going to own a female dress for me legally. I tried almost 6-7 outfits in the trail room and finally selected a blue one. It’s was an amazing experience and I’m not even getting the words to describe that situation. I was waiting for 15th August to come soon and whenever I remember I was going to be a full girl for a day my heart was pounding in joy.

Next day mom said she is going to come to my school in afternoon and I carried that message to my teacher. Mom came to school in afternoon and while coming she went to the beauty parlor and bought a white wig to her princess. My madam told my mother to dress me the female attire to have a look before the final session. However I was readied just to see how I look and in fact I was without any makeup and madam agreed and praised my mom for the dress selection.

Now here I’m on August 15th, Indian Independence Day, I’m a British princess in front of all audience. Do you know? I was waked up at 5:30 A.M that morning and when I came out of my bathroom it was 6:00 A.M sharp. My mother dressed me in the blue outfit as it had zip in my back where my hands could not reach over it, she only zipped me from back and now I was locked in that dress. I thought that my mom would wear me a pricking ear rings, but I was wrong, she cleaned my ears with some sharp needle and removed the liquid dust from it as I was having my ears pierced. I was even unaware of how to wear an ear ring on my own. She did all that for me and even I stated feeling the weight of ear rings swaying in my ears. She wore me an artificial necklace which was really cool almost 100 grams and it was matching to the dress and the ear rings. I did not even know when she bought all those stuff for me. It was around 7:00 A.M., I thought all got over but my mom brought her makeup kit and started applying makeup on me. She removed the tiny hairs on my face with the help of her pluck. She refined my eyebrows like a girl’s eyebrow and applied eyelashes to my eyes. She applied some sort of shining golden paste on my head and made me to sit quietly for 10 minutes and finally a wig came upon me, she combed it in a girly style and pricked almost 20 to 25 hairpins in my hair. I couldn’t believe myself, I was transformed into a real girl and this is what I was expecting to be from 9 years. Wherever I walk in my home I was only hearing the gems sound of my outfit. I was locked by a zip in my back in an heavy outfit and was wearing heavy ear rings on my ears and a necklace and a bangle. At last before leaving the home she insisted me to go to bathroom here itself. I asked mom, ‘how shall I go bathroom in this condition?’ and she said to adjust for now and use bathroom in a female style. I used bathroom in a girly way i.e., by sitting and taking care that nothing should be touched by water. I came out of my house and stepped into the car wearing high-heels. It’s an unforgettable moment.

Crossdressing Boy

When I went to school I saw all other boys were wearing white uniform and I alone was wearing princess dress. After the national anthem and flag hosting it was around 10:00 A.M my play started and I gave my best performance ever. All the teachers praised me for my role involvement. But I was really thinking that I was a girl and acted according to it. Finally a photo session of mine took place. I was a celebrity of the day, as all the boys were coming near me and giving poses for the photo and I was standing along with them. I enjoyed my feminine role.

Boy dressing in girl dress

Mom dropped me to home at 1:00 o’clock and she went to meet her friend. When I came to home and tried to undress I realized I have been locked by zip from back and I couldn’t reach it. I wore that costume till 4:30 P.M. and enjoyed a lot in the home. That day was a memorable day, and I have not experienced such an experience till date.

Boy crosssdressing

However I missed bindi to be applied on my forehead, anklets (a chain in girl's leg which keeps noising all the way as the girl walks), heavy bangles, Nose ring, because, as I was acting as a British princess for the play. Thank you madam and mom, for making me a princess a whole day. An unforgettable memory that, I wouldn’t forget for my whole life. I would like to share more pictures of the Independence Day. Feel the story, imagine you are in my place and you will enjoy my feelings. I will also try to upload my video on YouTube. Any suggestions/feedback's are welcome.

Certain memories will always be remembered. I am grateful to my Madam.


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